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Founded in 2000, Lamoille Area Cancer Network  is a non-profit organization that recognized the need to assist people in our local Vermont communities that have been diagnosed with cancer.

The physical and emotional stress of being diagnosed with and beginning the battle with cancer can be overwhelming. The financial burden of the fight grows as well, it is LACN’s goal to help lessen the impact.


The mission of Lamoille Area Cancer Network is to act as an emergency fund source to assist families and individuals in the Lamoille Area with small grants while they are going through their journey with cancer.


LACN proudly awards over 700 grants exceeding $ 180,000 per year. In 2010 LACN reached it’s first milestone of issuing over $ 1,000,000 in financial support to Lamoille Area residents diagnosed with cancer. Our ever growing goals are simple…Help as may people as we can and with the amazing support of individuals and companies across the region we do just that.

Helping Hands


The generous support of our Vermont community continues to make families lives facing cancer easier financially and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

In addition, many thanks go out to the members & volunteers at Lamoille Area Cancer Network, as all services and time are 100% donated, allowing 100% of all donations to be used to help our neighbors taking on cancer.





  • christina curschmann

    Nov 16, 2015


    was wondering how to get grant money to help my family. on dec. 18, 2013 my mom died of small cell lung cancer. my folks had no insurance. It hurt so bad loosing my Mom whom was only 52 when she passed. I had moved myself, my husband and kids in with my folks so i could care for mom. that was so hard, i still have nightmares about her last days. Taking care of mom, driving her back and forth to treatments and apts. and the e.r tapped me out finacially, plus the cost of the funeral. Not once did I ask for help. My dad was diagnosed seven months ago with bladder cancer. they were not able to remove his bladder because they wanted to first shrink the cancer with chemo. his right kidney was being blocked by the cancer and starting to shut down. the surgeon tried to find the kidney opening and could not so they had to go into the kidney through his back. My dad now has a drainage tube in his back. we also had to bring him to get a port in his chest. not to mention the chemo apts, going back and fourth to the emergency room. plus they dont want my dad living alone any more. I cannot move in and watch another parents wither away before my eyes. not again. my sister lisa and myself are the only ones taking turns driving my dad to apts at fletcher allen and taking turns staying with my dad. I actually stayed the last three days and nights with him. anyway, lisa and myself are financially strapped. lisa is a single mom of two girls and has had to miss work due to my dad and is 800. dollars behind in bills, I myself is in the same boat as my sister. we have tried getting our other four siblings to help but they wont or cant. Plus, when my mom, supported my dad financially due to my dad being disabled. when my mom died my dad had no income. My sisters Lisa, Renee and I not only had to support our own families financially but also had to support our dad and pay for him to lcontinue to live at his home. That was also difficult but we did it up until he finally started recieving social security benefits at the begining of this last summer. yes, we supported him over a year and a half. My dad, as of right now needs a hotwater heater in his home and fuel (propane) which he uses for heat, hot water and cooking. we could really use a grant to help get a hot water heater, fuel for dad, money to help my sister get caught up on her bills as well as mine and help with costs of transporting dad to and from apts. We need help. We just went through all this with momma and cannot afford to do this again. its too much. i hate cancer so much. it has taken so much from our family and to top it off, my doctor thinks I have breast cancer, i, myself have to go in for a biopsy, i have another doctors apt. today at 1:15. this is too much for our family and we need some help. i dont have a phone anymore, cant afford it, i do have free wifi because i live next to a store. so you can email me. thank you and god bless

    • Cindy

      Jan 19, 2016


      Sorry Christina, I did not see this. Did you contact us by email? What are the names? I need to check to see, if we are or have been helping. So sorry for your Struggles and the loss of your Mom.

  • Mary LaBranche

    May 26, 2016


    I was asked by my daughter Amanda to write a testimonial about LACN for a paper she is writing for a class she is taking through her work. I thought I would share as I am so grateful for all they do here... In April of 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hearing those words from my doctor shook me to the core. It is part of my family’s medical history, so with every mammogram, I prayed the results would be normal. I was scared and had no real idea of what to expect, or how it would affect my everyday life or me. It interfered with my work for about 3 months due to several appointments and then the surgery. I learned about LACN and how they were an organization set up to help our area cancer patients through a wonderful friend who is also a cancer survivor. The people, who work so hard to give this help, understand the stress caused when a patient faces financial and other unexpected hardships while fighting this disease. For Cancer patients, a major stressor can hinder their recovery, and worry about how the bills will be paid or paying for medications along with a number of other things that can be cause for stress. Being a recipient of the help LACN offers made a great difference in my level of stress. I was able to keep my electric and homeowners insurance paid. I cannot praise or thank LACN enough for what they do. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007 and a second breast cancer in 2013. Again they were there and happy to help. I am forever grateful for everything they do for all in our community who becomes inflicted with this dreadful disease. Mary LaBranche

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From Those We Care About!

Thank you so very much for all you have done for me. I cry every time I receive any envelope from Lamoille Area Cancer Network. As you say “Unexpected Blessings give Us Strength”. And I’ve been told “Tears are the little drops of healing”.

Thank you for the grant, I greatly appreciate it and want you to know how blessed I feel to have the friends and neighbors, like yourselves that have helped me as I go through this trying time.

I had no idea so many people in a community would care!

I began my 8 weeks, 5 days a week radiation. A lot of miles to cover, and with your recent gift, I will do OK. We are so fortunate to have such a caring community. See you at the Cancer walk.

Thank you for making a hard time easier. Your thoughtfulness is bright enough to light the world. Knowing there are people out there supporting us means a great deal!